Patella-Femoral Hygiene Exercises - Day 1


1. ITB Rolling/Stretch

  • Goals: Increase length to reduce outward pull on kneecap to improve alignment

  • Dosage: 45 minutes day (cumulatively)  

  • Tips: Looking to feel anywhere down the outside of the hip/thigh (not the groin)

How to roll and stretch the ITB

Alternative versions of the ITB stretche

2. Modifying Stair Technique

  • Goals: Temporary measure to reduce knee-loading, helps introduce active hip mechanics for later

  • Dosage: Little as possible (ie don't go looking for stairs, but when you need to do them this should help)

  • Tips: 

    • Ascent: Try placing whole foot on step; think about activating glute max and pushing through heel of foot; keep shin straight

    • Descent: On toes, equal time on each leg, 'fast and straight' legs


Modified stair technique, Ascent

Vastus Medialis Muscle

Vastus Medialis Muscle

3. VMO Activation (Intro)

  • Goals: Activating inner quadriceps to balance out pull on kneecap and improve alignment

  • Dosage: As much as needed to find it easy (and ready for integrating the skill into more complex patterns day two). 

  • Tips: Think quality, not quantity of practice. Start by simply trying to contract the VMO fibres (shown in red), then you can try to start working on getting them to turn on at the same time as the rest of the quad.  


Challenged to remember to do the exercises?

Here are some tricks to remembering!


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These resources are intended for Steven Procter's patients, and only as prescribed. It is important to be evaluated, diagnosed, and educated on which exercises are indicated or contraindicated for a particular condition before attempting them independently.

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