Rotator Cuff Exercises - Day 1

1. Hand Behind Back Stretch

  • Goals: Increase range, decrease pain, optimize healing, reduce traction loads

  • Dosage: Minimum 30 seconds per stretch, daily cumulative total of 45-60mins/day

  • Tips: Don't try to go as far as you can, just to the point of gentle resistance and a mild sensation generalized over the shoulder

Hand behind back stretch

Hand behind back stretch

Two arm variation of hand behind back stretch

Two arm variation of hand behind back stretch


2. Rotator Cuff Strength (A-Static, B-Dynamic)

  • Goals: Increased activation, increase load capacity

  • Dosage: Static (3 seconds x 3 repetitions x 6 sets); Dynamic (6 repetitions, 2-3 sets)

  • Tips: Slow and heavy resistance works best, but make sure to limit resistance to just below level that would cause any sensation over the shoulder area.

A- Static Variation

B - Dynamic Variation (Theraband)

3. Things to avoid short-term

  • Elevation above 80 degrees (chest height)

  • Sleeping on the shoulder

  • Traditional chest or shoulder exercises in the gym


Standard disclaimer: 

These resources are intended for Steven Procter's patients, and only as prescribed. It is important to be evaluated, diagnosed, and educated on which exercises are indicated or contraindicated for a particular condition before attempting them independently.

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