Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) Exercises - Day 1

1. Chin Tucks

  • Goals: Assisting in pain from the neck, improving posture, freeing nerve restriction

  • Dosage: x10 every 20 minutes

  • Tips: Keep chin horizontal! Can do when have symptoms; can be forceful



2. "Nerve Flossing"

  • Goals: Improving nerve mobility to prevent future irritation

  • Dosage: x5 every hour, double every day if tolerated

  • Tips: Go very gently! Too hard will irritate the nerve and delay progression. Will not reduce symptoms, try to do when symptom-free.



3. Avoiding provocation

Short-term, be wary of positions where the hand moves upwards or backwards relative to your body. If it creates the nerve-stretch sensation you should avoid it (unless doing the nerve flossing exercise). Otherwise, prolonged sitting, particularly in poor posture may also provoke the condition. 

Standard disclaimer: 

These resources are intended for Steven Procter's patients, and only as prescribed. It is important to be evaluated, diagnosed, and educated on which exercises are indicated or contraindicated for a particular condition before attempting them independently.

Steven Procter