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  Steven Procter,  MSc, BSc, PT, AT, CEP, CPT, Fellow-HFFC

Steven Procter, MSc, BSc, PT, AT, CEP, CPT, Fellow-HFFC

Physio Steve

Physiotherapist / Trainer / Physiologist

Since 2003, Physiotherapist Steve Procter has worked around the world with high-performance populations. He has served with the National Hockey League (NHL), Toronto Maple Leafs, Ballet Theatre Australia, as well as many individual athletes and performing artists who rely on him keep themselves at peak performance. 

As both Physiotherapist and Trainer, Steve's approach is heavily focused on progressing athletes' loading capacity and mechanics up to levels required for safe and high-performance return to sport.

Steve is also a fellow with the HFFC where he trains and teaches fitness professionals.

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Physio Steve Procter practices in downtown Montreal adjacent to Peel Metro: 2070 rue Peel, Montréal, Québec

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