TMJ Physiotherapy


The TM joints are on either side of the face and work together to allow the jaw to move in ways that allows for chewing and speech.


Improper movement, tension and positioning within these joint-systems can lead to impair function (e.g. clicking, locking) and/or pain. 5-12% of the general population are affected by this at a given moment.

TMJD/TMD Physiotherapy:

Thankfully, Physiotherapy has been shown to be an effective and well-tolerated treatment option for TMJ patients.

TMJ Physiotherapy may include:

  • Education on preventing provocation

  • Joint mobilizations of the TMJ

  • Massage of jaw muscles

  • Home exercises

  • Treatment of any suspect neck contributions

  • Coordinating care with your dentist

working with Physio Steve:

TMJ Physio Steve