Flexion-Sensitive Low Back Pain (Disc Herniation) - Day 1

Sitting-related low back pain? You're in good company!

Day 1 concepts for the most common injury Physio's treat. 

1. A quick recap on what we're dealing witH



2. McKenzie Extensions

  • Goals: Push herniation back into spine and away from the nerves
  • Dosage: x10 every 20-30 minutes. Can use strong pressure
  • Tips: Will help with symptoms (but may hurt as you do them)


3. Sciatic "Nerve flossing" 

  • Goals: Increase nerve mobility to reduce chances of irritation and increase safe range
  • Dosage: x5 every hour, double each day if tolerated. Gentle pressure only!
  • Tips: Will not help with symptoms, try to do them when not experiencing nerve signs in the legs

4. Correct sitting posture

  • Goals: Decrease provocation with sitting short-term, reduce risk of recurrence long-term. 
  • Dosage: Attempt to avoid sitting as much as possible short term
  • Tips: The goal is to work smart, not hard. Try to relax and simply balance in position 

Standard disclaimer: 

These resources are intended for Steven Procter's patients, and only as prescribed. It is important to be evaluated, diagnosed, and educated on which exercises are indicated or contraindicated for a particular condition before attempting them independently.